Great pursuits endure because of their profound value. Is riding a horse life changing?  We say absolutely.

River Run Equestrian.  Great horses.  Great instruction.  Great location.  

 Learn. Grow. Ride.



We all know the world is changing at breakneck speed. A blur that causes us to let things slip away that need to be held, treasured and preserved. Like fine handmade luggage, formed with care and filled with love.


Horses are an opportunity to get connected, without WIFI.


Horseback riding with a difference

   River Run Equestrian offers quality riding lessons on our own safe and reliable horses. We are ideally located close-in to Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal is to provide a well structured environment that will engage and motivate riders of all ages. We will make a difference in your lives!

    We offer a variety of horse riding programs, including Hunters, Dressage and Therapeutic riding, in a clean and well-maintained environment. Safety is the hallmark of our horse riding program. Thus, our certified and committed instructors ensure that all riders follow our rigorous safety protocol.


Life lessons are experienced not googled.


Learn life lessons in a deeper way. All without search terms...Old School, hardwork, benevolence, high standards... Pride.


Why ride anyway? There's no single answer because each rider will experience something unique and personal. One constant is the special opportunity to see our own reflection in the horses we share time with. There really is a moment when the beating of two hearts join.


Horses can hear your heartbeat four feet away.

In minutes your heart rates begin to match.